About Western Eyes - Western Eyes

About Western Eyes

Western Eyes is self-taught photographer Rob Western.

After accidentally discovering his love of photography while rummaging for change down the back of his sofa, Rob has since turned it into a worrying obsession. He no longer views the world as a real place but as a playground full of spectacularly tessellating shapes and curiously obscure symmetry that can all be infinitely rearranged and condensed into wonderful little things called "images". 

When it comes to actually making these images, he simply cannot get enough of colours that explode at the back of the eyeballs or black and whites that tell a good, bad or just plain ugly truth.

Given the choice, Rob would happily spend the rest of his tea-drinking days bouncing around his world-sized play park exploring the unexplored corners with his camera and snapping all the glorious little nuances of life.

If he looks at you funny, don't be worried, he's just trying to work out your best angle.

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